A growing mindset is helpful when working in senior living communities. We see it in ourselves as providers, in the senior care industry, in the research around aging and in those for whom we care.

Believing we as individuals can build our abilities and knowledge through dedication and hard work is there.

Over the years, we also see changes in the eldercare industry. It is increasingly becoming more willing to allow individuals to exercise choice and preference – when to get up, whether to follow a prescribed diet, etc.

For example, research has gone from saying nerves don’t regenerate (1970’s) to now showing they do slowly regenerate. Additionally we see new research and changes in how we care for people being implemented.

Most importantly, we CAN see a growth mindset in those we serve.

songs about growingGrowth songs

Some growth songs are about gardens

  • I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
  • Octopus’ Garden
  • The Garden Song
  • Tip Toe Through the Tulips
  • Went to a Garden Party
  • Safe In My Garden

Some growth songs are about aging

In Reflecting on Life we touched upon a couple of songs about aging. We can also:

Provide yourself space to grow sessions

Planning in advance is keep. Developing a plan needs space and time to develop and mature. It also provides you time to learn new songs and to create new experiences for your clients.

Two ways to do this are:

  1. Getting on the Session Planning Extravaganza waitlist. This is a way for you to speed through planning a quarter’s worth of sessions with less stress and more fun.
  2. Setting aside a few hours to start planning sessions for your first quarter.

Which will you choose?

I want to take the speedy, fun way!