Session Planning Extravaganza Spring 2018

$49.00 every 90 Days

Thanks you for your interest. This product is not currently available.
Let’s make session planning fun and effective.
  • Have time to prepare without a rush.
  • Have time and a plan for actually learn new songs. Then you’ll be able to focus on your clients during the session.
  • Be prepared with a plan B for those off days.
Be a part of this interactive group process.

Using a special tool you can use over and over again, we’ll walk through the process in a meaningful, step-by-step way. Though a series of short exercises you’ll spend a few minutes across the month planning your session including the songs, instruments and manipulatives you’ll need.

  • You’ll be given access to 15 of the Session Cafe session starters to jump start the process.
  • You’ll be part of a private, paid participant forum where you can bounce and share ideas.
  • You’ll have access to this group THROUGH the end of July 2018.

Get onboard the Session Building Extravaganza for just $49.00

Here’s how this will work. When you join you’ll add yourself to a special email list AND our secret Facebook group.

Through the email, you’ll receive access to plans, reminders of actions to take.

During the week of April 15th  we’ll have a series of short ZOOM calls. Access to recordings of these will be provided.

Then, throughout the week we’ll take actions to build out our plans. You’ll receive support in scheduling some key steps. May and June will be all about support and fine tuning.

What will we cover?

Part 1 
– estimated time to complete task: 30 minutes

  • Things to celebrate
  • Picking the best flavors for sessions

Part 2
– estimated time to complete task: 1 hour

  • Consider your general therapeutic goals
  • Plan your menu
  • Gather ingredients

Part 3
-estimated time to complete task: ???

  • Starting to build your sessions
  • Add in the tentative goals
  • Start selecting your music menu
  • Appetizers and Desserts
  • Instrumental Spice
  • Evaluate
  • Schedule your prep work
  • Plan for issues
  • Celebrate

Product is currently not available.