A lot can go into sessions. What they didn’t teach you in school was how to crank out a variety of session plans while delivering them, documenting progress, learning new songs, prepping all the materials, and cleaning all the instruments.

You CAN make it easy and enjoyable. Here are nine hacks to make it a little easier.

1-4: Take Charge of Your Session Planning.

The 4 steps in this post will help you stay on top of your preparations.

5-8: Make use of the 4 Shortcuts for Preparing Sessions in Record Time.

It takes shortcuts to stay caught-up with the many aspects of your work. It also helps you avoid those session planning mistakes. 

9. Use a Cheat Sheet to plan.

Sadly, there is no one size fits all tool for planning. But, there is one to help you start the process for senior living groups. Use it. Figure out what suits you and what doesn’t. Then create your own. Test it. Rinse and repeat.

A copy is waiting for you right here. Free session planning sheet