17 surprising green treats for St. Patrick’s that are more exciting than green socks

St. Patrick's DayThe approach of St. Patrick’s Day had me double checking my clothing for something green to wear. None of what I found seemed quite right. As I’m low on socks, I decided to search out some new green ones. Well, I couldn’t find any to my liking.
Green socks aren’t much help when it comes to preparing for senior living community St. Patrick sessions. They aren’t that much help in preparing for my personal observance, either. So, I went on a hunt and found 17 surprising green treats for St. Patrick’s that are more exciting than green socks.

#1. Green treats can be more than spinach or food coloring based.

Check out these fun treat bags from Hoosier Homemade. They are fun and (some what) healthy. Want to add a little music to them? How about a green kazoo or harmonica?

#2 – 3. Green apples hold lots of inspiration.

It might be a song.

It might be Green Apple Ice. (Scroll about half way down the Parsley, Sage and Sweet page to see the recipe.)

#4 – 5. Skewers a pattern.

Creative Juices’ skewers have me thinking of patterns. We generally skewer food in a pattern (green grape, green apple, green grape…).  Patterns can also be used to create compositions.

  • drum, shaker, drum, tambourine, drum, shaker, drum, tambourine
  • drum, tap, tap, drum, tap, tap
  • pitches of boomwhackers

#6 -7. Split peas are good for more than soup.

Split peas can add a bit of green color to a clear shaker. They could be just what you need to add a subtle touch of green to your table. Two Twenty One has me rethinking ways to use them.

#8. There isn’t a treat that is exactly right for everyone.

But these deviled eggs by This Mama Cooks sure look yummy!

#9. St. Patrick celebrations can include your dog.

I’m not talking about dressing them up. My dogs are missing the days of green grass. I’m considering giving them a dog friendly green treat like this one from Irresistible Pets.

#10-15. Let your sessions spin into other sessions.

Upon seeing this shamrock twirler from I Heart Crafty Things, I thought about:

  • A music therapy session of wind songs leading into a craft session where spinners and whirligigs were made.
  • Including non-traditional songs such as “Spinning Wheel”. It would work for:
    • blowing the spinners around
    • circling scarves in the air
    • partner song writing to this tune about St. Patrick’s Day or things that are green.
  • Using an object like the spinner and a song like “Spinning Wheel” to connect several sessions :
    • St. Patrick’s
    • wind
    • aviation
    • a look at the late 1960’s,
    • a look at things that spin (Be sure you check this old song my seniors have asked me to learn.) [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RospJLP7r1o[/youtube]

#16. Troubles are sure to arise.

But a little sweet treat like these Matcha Truffles from My Whole Food Life might make me forget some of the troubles.

#17. Some green things are a challenge to find (especially when you live rural).

That means I often need to make those special treats like green tea ice cream. Sites like Annie’s Eats make that a little easier.

Which of these 17 surprising green treats will you grab for St. Patrick’s?

(Or are you sticking to finding green socks?)

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