How to make drum circles glow with energy

How to make drum circles glow with energyPersonally, I come away from most drum circle energized by the shared rhythmic play. Some have been day time experiences so the energy carries me forth into the rest of my day. My evening drum experiences are often at music therapy conferences. They give me the energy to stay-up and visit a little later into the evening.
Aways on the watch for fresh drum circle ideas, I stumbled across an idea to make a drum circle glow in the dark. It is rare I recommend something I haven’t personally tried and tested. So, if you use these ideas, please come back and comment on your experience. However, I think this might be a wonderful way to burn off the energy and stress from the day especial when you add a little something.
Part of the draw for me is my memories of campfires at summer camp. We’d share lots of energy and fun at the start and gradually quiet down before returning to our tents to sleep. This concept for making a drum circle glow with energy captures some of the allure of those days.

  1. Determine the best methods from this Family Time post to use with your evening drumming.
  2. Purchase the needed glow sticks and tape. Those round battery operated closet lights might also work under and inside some of the larger drums.
  3. Once everyone is gathered, lower the lights in the room. Begin with a warm-up activity before activating all the “special lighting”.
  4. Turn off or lower light in the room and enjoy the drum circle.
  5. At the end of the drumming, close with toning, chanting or relaxation.
  6. Gradually add the light back to give safe passage out of the group.

When and with whom can you see using a glowing drum circle? Share your answer in the comments below.

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