Sun, Moon and Stars Session

The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us. – Dennis Banks

If you’ve struggled to plan a session, let the sun, moon and stars guide you into a senior living session plan (or 3). As a help, you’ll find a Spotify playlist at the end of this post.
Use these lists to find songs for:
While recommendations are made for each song, be open to other possibilities.

  • singing (S)
  • movement (M)
  • instrument play (I)
  • discussion (D)

Use these lists as a jumping off point. Add in:

  • Favorite songs of your clients
  • Quotes about the sun, moon and stars.
  • Visuals of the sun, moon, and stars
  • Play “Name that Tune”
  • Conversation about eclipses, meteor showers, constellations, etc.


Songs with celestial events

  • “Air 12” from Handel’s “Sampson” (D)
  • “I Can See Clearly Now” (S, M, I)
  • “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (M)
  • “Blinded By the Light” (M, D)
  • “You’re So Vain” (S)
  • “Sound of Silence” (S, M, D)
  • “Dancing in the Dark” (M, I)
  • “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” (S)

Songs that mention the sun

Members should also check Fun in the Sun for more details.

  • “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” (S)
  • “Ain’t No Sunshine” (M, I)
  • “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” (S, M)
  • “Mr. Blue Sky” (M, I)
  • “Walking on Sunshine” (M, I)
  • “Weave Me Some Sunshine” (S, M)
  • “Keep it On the Sunny Side” (S, I)

Songs that mention the moon

  • “Bad Moon Rising” (S, I)
  • “Fly Me to the Moon” (S)
  • “From Here to the Moon and Back” (D)
  • “Full Moon and Empty Arms” (S, D)
  • “Moon Over Bourbon Street” (M, I)
  • “When the Summer Moon Comes ‘Long” (D)

Songs that mention the stars

  • “Venus” (S, M, I)
  • “Another Star” (M, I)
  • “Swinging On a Star” (S, D)
  • “When You Wish Upon a Star” (S)
  • “Catch a Falling Star” (S, M, I)

Additional resources

Playlist containing many of the songs listed above

This post gives you a small taste what lies inside the members’ only section. If you like what you see and like the experience of planning sessions with resources at hand, please join us


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