Are you doing vocal warm-ups before your sessions? You know you should to protect your voice.

How long are you spending? Is it enough?

Fact is we tend to make mistakes when it comes to warming up. Let’s look at them so we can take better care of our voice.

Avoid these 4 vocal warm-up mistakes

  1. Not warming-up: The voice involves muscles of the larynx along with the soft vocal folds. Warming up loosens the muscles and removes phlegm.
  2. Wrong style or type: Consider what you will be singing. Is it breath control you need? Agility? Are you singing art songs or pop songs?
  3. The Goldilocks Approach
    • Too soft: Forget about folks looking at you funny. Sing above a whisper. Whispers can damage. Yes, start gentle and build
    • Too hard: But don’t go blastissimmo, or over 30 minutes
  4. Forgetting range: Start your warm-up in your normal range. Consider what you will be singing with clients. Do you need to extend the range up or down?

Are you making these vocal warm-up mistakes?Tools to help you warm-up

Of course you can go old-school and sing the vocal warm-ups you learned in choir, voice lessons or vocal class.In fact there are times this is wise.

As someone who is on the move and on the go, mobile apps can be supportive tools. Here are three to consider.

  • Erol Singer’s Studio is a pricey $44.99. It helps you warm-up by vocal range and tracks your use along with progress.
  • Voca Vocal Coach is a free app. You can set arrange to warm-up and even playlists for the process.
  • Warm Me Up is priced at $9.99. It has features to customize the warm-up to you.

Whatever you choose, DO CARE for your voice. You and your clients are the winners when you do.