6 ways to old musicals can be session worthy Like many living in senior living communities, I remember life before central AC, the internet, cable TV, …  Our music, when not played by us on various instruments came in the form of LPs and AM radio stations. The music played for our house cleaning hours often was recordings from musicals.

Summer activities were timed to deal with the heat. Mornings were outdoor chores, laundry, major cooking. Afternoons were spent escaping the 100+ temps, my siblings and I spent many hours at the library or in the city pool. Some summers, the local movie theatre would run a special. low-cost summer series of old reels, including musicals.

Musicals created a lot of room for fantasy when I was very young. At a young age I thought a perfect life was one where you broke out in a song and dance to comment on an event. (I came upon this habit of singing songs about things and events long before I heard about the field of music therapy.)

The two-part series on musicals found on Time Goes By  got me revisiting the idea of musicals for my older adult sessions. It’s no wonder many in senior living communities are familiar with some. They were often made into movies and were box office hits. While the author of these post, Peter Tibbles, states he is not a fan of musicals, he has selected an interesting variety of songs.

Think of the many ways you could use them:

  • Name that Tune
  • Name that Musical
  • singalongs
  • Discussion of favorite songs from a stated musical
  • Discussion of favorite songs from any musical
  • Sharing memories of performing or having loved ones perform in musicals (don’t forget the pit members and stage crew)

That’s just a starter list. Share in the comments your favorite ways to use music from musicals in your older adult sessions.