The music therapy profession has received more news coverage than I could have imagined when I became a music therapist in 1983. Across the years I have seen the addition of board certification. I’ve witnessed drum circles being added to our sessions, the deepening of research, and the inclusion of technology beyond a tape recorder.  In a way, the profession is constantly in a state of re:Vision.

So what can I add to the re:Vision discussion this #mtadvocacy month?

I want to add a big question. Grab a cup of coffee or tea so we can chat and chew on more re:Vision of music therapy. You’ll notice these are just bullet questions. I don’t begin to believe I have the answers or even all the questions.


This question flashed repeatedly in my brain as I listened to episode #2 of Startup. Take the 23 minutes to listen to this podcast. There is tons of info including describing our business “ask” but for now let’s deal with the question “Are we visioning big enough?”

As a profession:

  • Do we want to see a board certified music therapist in every hospital? Providing services in every nursing home?
  • Do we want to see a music therapist providing wellness services in every community of 10,000+ people?
  • Should music therapists be employed or contracted by every school district?
  • What research do we need to support this growth? Who does it? How is it funded?
  • What technology do we need to better serve our clients? For those in isolated areas, has technology changed so we can provide secure, real-time treatment sessions?
  • If there a music therapist presenting at conferences for other health professions?
  • What percentage of music therapists are working as employees? In private practice?
  • How many music therapist do we need to reach these goals?

As individual business owners:

  • What percentage of our services are private pay? Are reimbursed by insurance?
  • How many clients are we serving individually? In groups?
  • What kind of waitlist is there for your services?
  • How are we expanding our client base?
  • What is your marketing budget?
  • What is the balance of clients you are seeing in a clinic vs in the community?
  • What cool ways are your transporting your instruments when you see clients within the community?

Are we dreaming big enough as a profession ? As individuals?

Answering this question will then lead us to discuss many questions that I may save for another day. For now, I want you to..

Share your big dream for music therapy in the comments below.