Each year begins with a taste of new. A blank calendar waiting to be filled. A fresh set of resolutions.

As I’ve aged, I have thought more about resolutions. Resolutions are a type of promises. As shared in Power of a Promise, the significance of keeping promises to ourselves is profound. It is equally significant when we don’t keep promises to ourselves.

In my years of working in senior living communities, there have been many opportunities to discuss past resolutions. It seems to bring a bit of sadness, likely from these promises to self not kept.

A new year can be a time to reassess. BUT, let’s do it in a way that has a different “taste”. Let’s ask those we serve what they want more of and what they want less of.

New year session ideaThe taste of new session plan

Pull out your standard “New Year’s” themed session. If you need one, consider the one found in Musically Engaged Seniors by Meredith Harmons (affiliate link). Slightly change-up her songwriting activity by adding the word “more” to the first and third lines of the song and “less to the 2nd and fourth line.

Another option is to the tune of “Make New Friends”.

In this new year of 20____.

I (or name) want(s) more _______

And less _______.

You could have people accompany the singing alternating C and G on boomwhackers, bells or mallets. Consider taking notes on these preferences to inform your future session or assessments.  (This is just one of the key questions you might wish to consider adding to your music therapy assessments.)

One last suggestion for your session is to sing more than one verse of “Auld Lang Syne”.  The other verses are equally meaningful.