While I have enjoyed using Boomwhackers® in my senior living sessions, I must give credit where it is due. Shares by Kat Fulton convinced me to make greater use of them. As a result, you’ll find Boomwhackers® included in several session ideas on Music Sparks.

Here are a few ways to have a booming good time with Boomwhackers®.

  • Follow where the person or group seems drawn. It they seem more focused on color/pitch/ways to produce sounds then start that direction.
  • Allow for spontaneous play.
    • Some folks start doing dance moves as if the Boomwhackers® were a cane. Sing or hum a soft shoe or other dance song that fits their moves. And, join in the fun!
    • Some folks place an end against their mouth and sing or la into them.While maybe not an ideal use, being in the moment with the client is key.
  • Use colors to pair players. This works especially well with intergenerational groups.You can also instruct them to pair boomwhackerswith someone playing a color different from their own.
  • Cue them to play simple melodies or rhythms in a song.
  • Use them as another instrument in a drum circle.
  • Use cards to structure play.
    • UNO® cards can be used to structure how many times to play and who gets to play next.
    • Whack-a-boom cards (*affiliate link) need a little sorting but can again cue various types of play.

Here are a few considerations when using Boomwhackers®.

  • Have both treble and bass sets of Boomwhackers®. Some will find longer ones easier to use while other will prefer shorter ones.
  • Set tables or empty chairs around for playing the Boomwhackers®.
  • Those with hearing loss may have issues hearing the pitches of the Boomwhackers®.

Have a booming good time with Boomwhackers®. If you have other suggestions, please add them to the comments below.

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