Here’s to the USA!

Flag Day, the 4th of July and Memorial Day are all perfect days for sharing a patriotic theme. Often, I share the theme across the week. The following session plan has been used in mixed ability groups in a nursing home setting. It could easily be adapted for assisted and independent living groups. Following your… Continue reading Here’s to the USA!

Answers to the top 4 questions about leading older adult drum circles

Ever wondered: The must have instruments for your drum circle How to structure your session for optimal engagement while allowing for needed rest breaks How to turn challenging behaviors into group assets How to safely clean your equipment In this video, Becky Watson, MBA, MT-BC answers these questions and more.

Kathy Quain: RPM your drum circles

I interviewed Founder of Music for Therapy and Pacific Drum Circles Kathy Quain, MME, MT-BC and hope you will glean some of her goodness from these words. If you EVER have a chance to enjoy consultation with her or attend one of her presentations, DO!!! Be sure and check out the videos she shares. Kathy has a wonderful concept for inviting staff and volunteers… Continue reading Kathy Quain: RPM your drum circles

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Bubbling Over

Over my 25+ years of providing music therapy groups in senior living communities, I’ve returned time and time again to bubbles. My reasons range from participants being fans of Lawrence Welk to getting participants to use slow, cool exhales to blow bubbles to just injecting some fun. This isn’t an exhaustive list of resources, but… Continue reading Bubbling Over

That’s Amore

Sharing a taste of Italy can involve music, food, art, movies and more. Rather than breaking this down between older adults and intergenerational groups, I indicated suggested population indicated with “I/A” for intergenerational groups or any age group and “S” for senior living settings. Music (I/A) Depending on your group, sing all or just a repeated phrase/words… Continue reading That’s Amore

Jungle Love

The jungle can be a place people have dreamed of visiting or may have been blessed to visit. Here are some resources for sharing the topic with individuals or groups. Music The Lion Sleeps Tonight Jungle Drums (Artie Shaw) Recordings including Ultra Lounge: Tiki Sampler(affiliate link) to set the mood Movies: Check out the old Johnny… Continue reading Jungle Love

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year usually falls in January or February. Traditionally, it is celebrated for a week with social events and entertainment. Dragon dancing, shows, and firecrackers are part of the Chinese New Year festivities. Building upon the ideas of a dragon dance and the song “Slow Boat to China”, I developed “Of Boats and Dragons”.  This post… Continue reading Chinese New Year