Crafting a session planCrafting a session plan ALWAYS starts with the person or group for whom it is being prepared.

  • What role does the session play in their care?
  • What goals need to be addressed?
  • Upon what strengths am I building?

With that in mind, it is time to get the creative ideas flowing. That’s were the use of themes comes in. (If you need to know the reasons, check this post.)  There are many resources to inspire your themes. Here are just a few.

  • Holidays: Whether they are single day, month-long, week-long – any reason to celebrate can change an ordinary day or session into a special day.
  • Resident requests: One of my favorites is a session that flows from a resident request. Be it a session theme or a single song there is something special when it comes from them.
  • Resident interests: Find out you have a group that loves the Grateful Dead or all song Barbershop together can be a wonderful source for session materials.
  • Resources: There are some AMAZING resources out there. Here are just a few to get you started.
    • Music from 100 years ago: This podcast started in 2006. With themes, songs and artists you’ll find lots to inspire your sessions.
    • Elder music from This weekly column started in 2008 has great themes with starter songs.
    • Soundscaping Source: Those with a private practice serving senior populations will want to check out this source. In addition to clinical and business forms, Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC provides members access to games, song spotlights, biographies and more.
    • Musically Engaged Seniors (*affiliate link): Meredith Hamons, MT-BC has created a wonderful resource of 40 sessions.
    • Session Cafe Membership (*affiliate link): Membership in this site will give you access to over 60 tested session plans.
  • A song: This idea is SO BIG you’ll find out the details in the next Quick Sip post.

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