FAQHere are answers to some often asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please email me at joann@music2spark.com. I’ll do my best to serve up an answer.
Who is this meant to help?
A music therapist who is:

  • Working with older adults.
  • Wanting to spend less time preparing.
  • Tired of falling back on the same songs and interventions week after week.
  • Who at the same time wants  to offer predictability and familiarity.
  • Is looking for songs and the interventions that have a higher chance of success.
  • Wanting to lead intergenerational (IG) groups of older adults and preschooler. (This menu item isn’t required but is a popular item.)

What does my Cafe membership include?
You will find over 20 resources to help you plan a session while you sip a cup of coffee. You’ll also find a few “quick sip” ideas to feed your thoughts. Beginning in January 2015, you’ll start finding “on the go” audio you can download for sipping ideas while you wipe down instruments or drive to a session.
I’ve just become a member. Why can’t I get in?
Sometimes PayPal requires me to approve your payment. Once it is approved, you can get in. Whenever possible I check the status of accounts a couple of times a day. If you have issues an hour after you join, drop me a line.
How often does new content come out?
New materials will be added each month.
Can I suggest a theme or other content?
Yes, please! I’m welcome a chance to serve up just what you are looking for. Just email me your suggestions at joann@music2spark.com
How do I cancel my Cafe membership? 
You can cancel your Session Cafe membership at any time. Simply login to your PayPal account, click the “My Account” tab, then the “Profile” link and look for the “Pre-approved Payments” link. You can cancel your Session Cafe membership there. If you have any problems or questions, email me at joann@music2spark.com. This must be done 5 business days prior to the renewal of your membership.Refunds WILL NOT be given once payment has been processed.
Why is this so cheap?
This is a cheap cup FOR NOW. It is priced that way because I am still refining the cafe and its menu. Trust me, once the menu starts filling out, prices will increase.
Will my monthly membership rate increase?
No. The price that you enroll with is the price you pay for the life of your cafe membership. It would only go up if you cancel your membership and then re-enroll.
I work with both older adults and preschoolers. Is there content to help me with both populations?
The session plans categorized as intergenerational can easily be used to help you plan a preschool only session.