Flowers as food? Sure! From time to time I’ve seen images of salads with nasturtiums and other blossoms on them. This video has lots of tips.

Have I tried them? Well, no. But, I have considered them once again.

Flowers as food for stomach & sessionThere are listings of edible flowers all over the internet (here and here, just for starters). Just think of the conversations you could have on the taste (or imagined taste) of these blossoms. Add a few images (or real flowers), a few essential oils/lotions/candles, and some music and you have the makings of a session.

For the music, think of songs that mention them:

  • Clover – “4 Leaf Clover”
  • Lavender – “Lavender Blue”
  • Sage – “Scarborough Fair”
  • Roses – “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” or “Yellow Rose of Texas”
  • Sunflower – “Sunflower
  • Apple Blossoms – “I’ll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time”

Use the flower names as rhythms to play:

  • Chant in rhythm: “Let’s all eat some (insert a flower). some (repeat it), some (repeat it). Let’s all eat some (repeat it again) for dinner tonight.”
  • Have a listing of flowers on a white board erasing them as they are selected for rhythm. Repeat each flower a set number of times or roll dice to see how many times to say it.

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