Do you find yourself drawn to drumming when you lead a “heart” focused session? Whether focusing on heart health, topics of the heart, or love drumming seems a fit.

Here are a few lesser used songs to consider including in your heart rhythms sessions.

Songs with a Heartbeat

While there are many songs that work or include a heartbeat rhyme pattern, here are a couple worth sharing

  • Night and Day: Cole Porter
  • The Heart of Rock and Roll: Huey Lewis and the News

Songs that Mention a Heartbeat

So many songs mention “heart”. Here are a few that mention a beating heart or a heartbeat.

  • Rhythm of My Heart: Rod Stuart
  • Heartbeat: Buddy Holly
  • I Could Write A Book: Sarah Vaughan
  • Love Me Like a Song: Willie Nelson & Kimmie Rhodes

Another rhythmic songs worth sharing

  • “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman



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