Hydrate When it is warm outside, I tend to take lots of water breaks in my work day. When the weather is cold, I tend to slack off on drinking water. Add to that  I get busy with work forgetting to take water breaks. The result for me is feeling sluggish or something worse (like a UTI).

Staying hydrated is important to our health on so many levels. It helps our heart to more effectively circulate blood. Proper hydration supports immune function. (Yes, you need to practice proper hand washing and infection control practices. But, there is a better chance we can flush out toxins and waste when we are properly hydrated.) Proper hydration is part of maintaining a healthy voice.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Here are a few fun sips to add to your hydration routine.

  • Water: We all know we need to drink water. Having a water bottle from which to sip and refill throughout the day can be helpful. (Camelbak is one of my favorites as water in our area can have a lot of chemicals.) We can tire from the flavor (or lack thereof) so adding citrus, a sprig of mint or fun ice cubes like these pomegranate ice cubes to a glass of water can make it more interesting.
  • Smoothies: I prefer to make my own with my Magic Bullet. That way I can add the liquid, veggies, fruits and fats of my choice and skip all the added sugars. You can even prep them ahead of time and have it waiting in the fridge for your lunch or midday snack. Looking for possible ingredients? Here is a mix list for green smoothies and the new favorite in our house – the avocado pineapple smoothie.

You know how dry you can feel at the end of a session? Our clients can feel that way, too. Consider approaching facility staff about offering drinks at the end of your session. It can support the staff efforts of hydration and may help some clients in transitioning to the next event.

Chant with me as you reach for that drink: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!