Jump into planning your future sessions. From short cuts for preparing to hacks to speed you on your way, many resources are here to support you in planning older adult (and intergenerational) sessions.

Session planning has a rhythm: plan, prepare, provide, appraise. That flow keeps going. Research shows ways we can better serve our clients. We add or tweak our plans in response. Something catches our eye or ear and makes us think of our clients. We add or incorporate it into our work.

Jump into session planningIt is an exercise – an exercise for our work life.

Exercise can inspire our sessions.

Jumping (rope) can inspire our sessions. Need convincing?

Inspired JUMP!

The other day while thinking of love songs, the Pointer Sisters song “Jump (For My Love)” hopped into my mind. Such a great song for rhythmic movement, drumming or plan old dancing.

Then this wonderful video showed up on Facebook.

Did you catch it? Jumping rope can teach, can connect to cultural ties, can be a tie to memories.

Jump into your planning.

Jump in with play, with facts, with outcomes in mind. Jump in and TRULY advance plan.

Jump in on the next Session Planning Extravaganza!

Catch the easy rhythm of session planning CAN have. Won’t you make the jump?

YES! I’ll make the jump.