Secret crush on session planningI’ve developed a secret crush. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. No, it isn’t a crush on someone.No, I’m not talking about my pulse racing or all that hormonal stuff. I’m talking smile producing joy.

It’s a crush on session planning.

Yes, after more than 30 years as a music therapists, I get down right giddy with excitement planning sessions. There are times I think the excitement is what has contributed to my longevity as a music therapist.

Somehow, whether through genes or examples, I have this desire to keep learning and experimenting. Working with older adults encourages both. When they share memories or remember a piece of a song, it encourages me to learn more information, to see how I can support this line. Really! I’m serious. Though I offer services in a rural area with folks who have a LOT in common, the unique memories and favorites push me to try and TO FAIL.

I see you shaking your head – yes, I said fail. I consider it success when different songs are hits and failures in the various facilities. That means I’ve pushed the envelop. I’ve learned something about the person/people I serve.

But why keep creating or re-creating?

Simply because the people in senior living communities are always in flux. Death takes an person who loved this song. Placement brings a person who loves that song. It provides a reason to learn a new song, to try a new approach or a new instrument.

Plus it all circles back to this crush on session planning. Hmmm, I’ve changed my mind. Please DO TELL others about my joys with session planning.

Having people share their joys and challenges makes this a contagious obsession – one of finding some untouched hits for those we serves, of touching people with new music or song writing, of continuing to grow and to explore throughout their lives.