Organize your notes with a journalPapers, papers, papers or if you are computer file, file, file.

Finding our stuff – how we labeled it, what we used can be a challenge.

Let’s start with to do list. I love using Asana. That said, I still have a love of analogue systems. Maybe it is the result of when I grew up or how I process information. I need to touch and feel some things.

For many years I used scraps of paper and sticky notes. The problem was, they would get lost in the stack. A few years back I started using spiral notebooks. The challenge then was to find the information IN the notebook or even to figure out if it was in the current or a previous notebook.

Recently I stumbled across the bullet journal idea. With some slight tweaks, this has become a winner for me. The video shares how I am using this method.



How do you keep up with your notes and ideas?