Often moments of life are clearly a start or an end. Let’s be honest, sometimes there is confusion as to whether a situation is a beginning or an ending. You need only look at these songs to know the issue exists.

As children, many of us learned “This is the song that never ends”

Old adults and those who enjoy the Marx Brother’s have heard the classic “Hello, I must be going”

The Beatles sang “Hello, Goodbye”.

Goodbye songsWe plan to bring closure to our sessions. As music therapist, termination and closure are part of our training. Especially in our working with those on hospice or those living in senior living communities, we may not know when a goodbye might be a final goodbye.

How we end a session aids our clients in moving forward in their day. Their needs will influence our selection and how it is presented – in an upbeat or a relaxed style.

Ending or goodbye songs

Here are some goodbye songs that I have used in senior living communities over the years.  at the end of sessions. Sometimes you might alter the lyrics, others you may not.

For those who watched Lawrence Welk, try this closer.

One that is well-known (and a bit of a tear jerker) is “Till We Meet Again”.

One last song, that I haven’t tried but I’ve heard is ” Sing your way home”.

A playlist of even more songs follows. If your ending song is missing, please add it in the comments below.