5 productive mt projects in pjsThere are relaxed days or mornings which lack the rush to get dressed for the day. You are free to linger in your pj’s and enjoy a cup (or 2) of coffee. Inspired by a  Teach Piano Today post on productive piano studio projects  here are 5 productive music therapy clinic projects you can accomplish in your pj’s.

  1. Set-up email templates. Create a file for these templates. Think of the common threads in the emails you receive. (Letters from high schoolers asking for help writing a paper, the inquires for a particular service you offer, or a regular report you send to caregivers.) Select three to five of these threads and create a “copy and paste”  email for each. Be sure you title it in a way you will remember. Add to your file. The next time you take a relaxed pj approach you can add other emails.
  2. Write a blog post or newsletter. When I am relaxed, I tend to be my most creative. Brainstorm a blog or email series. Add details. Copy and paste related articles you may site or use as inspiration.
  3. Set-up playlists. Preferably this is a new list for you. Maybe it is for your travel time, an upcoming trip, back ground music for your work out. You spend so much time planning music for our clients, it’s worth spending some time on yourself. Then, if you still feel inspired, you can work on a playlist for a client or session
  4. Read! Whether it is  your music therapy journals, a business book, or something just for fun, READ! On weekdays, I spend the first 20 minutes of the day reading. Doing so gets my day off to a more focused start.
  5. Change one aspect of your advertising. (Yes I’m borrowing this one from Teach Piano Today.) Update the header on your Facebook business page, write a newsletter, order postcards to announce an upcoming event.

All of these can be done while sipping a cup of coffee and while wearing your pj’s (or if you prefer, your business clothes). Each of them will increase the productivity of your music therapy practice. So pick one and get going.

In the comments below, share your favorite music therapy projects to accomplish in your pj’s.