When the autumn leaves begin to fall, the rakes come out. Folks begin to pile up the leaves. You’ll see children and pets jumping in and out of piles.

When we rake, we are gathering, collecting or moving the leaves. We can do much the same with our session materials.

We can gather in:

  • Our instruments
  • Our manipulatives
  • Our song books
  • Our computer files
  • Lists of new songs to learn, equipment to buy

Gathering allows us to assess what we have. Sometimes we unearth long forgotten items/ideas in the process. New session ideas, new interventions may begin to emerge.

Rake in these items for great sessionsWe can collect:

  • Computer files of songs, themes, interventions
  • Fun facts on topics of interest or of need in our groups
  • New support materials
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Organization supplies

Some of the items may fit into many collections. Find ways to mark or hold space for them.

We can move:

  • Our files on computers into new ways that serve our use
  • Our supplies into containers that allow for easier use and storage
  • Out of “active files” those songs that no longer fit our clients
  • Move into our “active files” new songs that fit our clients

Moving can be a process. Sometimes we literally bag or store things. Other times the physical touching of items helps them take a renewed place in our interventions or sessions.

Looking to rake in some session ideas? Use these 3 steps.

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