Feeling time challenged when planning your senior living sessions?

Wanting materials that are fresh and relatable that you know will work?

Then you’ve found the correct resource. You’ll find session starters in written and some with an audio format and playlist.

Monthly membership provides you access to:

  • Over 75 time tested session starters (Valued at $56)
  • Materials to support you in self-care (Valued at $97)
  • Access to our Session Planning Extravaganza (and tools). (Valued at $49)

You receive this with an initial enrollment fee of $75 and a monthly renewal of $14.

Plus, receive access to intergenerational tools

  • Over 2 dozen session starters. (Valued at $18)
  • Three interviews with leading intergenerational session experts(Valued at $15)
  • Training videos and support materials (Valued at $67)

In addition, you’ll have access to:

  • New materials are added each quarter.
  • A private Facebook Forum is available to support you in further building out your session plans.