It is time to simplify your supplies. REALLY!

“Simplicity is complex. It’s never simple to keep things simple. Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.” ― Richie Norton

It takes a lot of thought and advanced planning to simplify what we take into senior living sessions. It is one we need to revisit on an ongoing basis.

How do I know that? One of the recurring conversations in our Facebook groups is how to haul all our instruments, music and supplies. (It seems we need a concurrent session on schlepping and proper body dynamics.)

With that in mind I created a challenge just for the fun of it. (Inspired by the frequent comments on how to schlep session supplies and the changeable weather in Kansas.)

Scenario: You are doing a group session for 8-12 senior living residents. No cart of wagon can be used. You can only take what you can carry on you.

Question: What items will you carry into the session?

Before the session, simplifyThe answers to this question when shared in a Facebook group were wonderful. Here it is in summary.

  1. Limit what you take to what you can carry by yourself, packed in a way you can mage it.
  2. A single bag or 2 with supplies – Bags that are easy to carry.
  3. A guitar – Preferably in a backpack bag.
  4. Basic instruments
    • shakers – egg shakers, jingle bells
    • paddle drums
    • frame drums
    • small percussion such as rain sticks, cabasa …
    • props such as scarves or theme related items
  5. Bonus items
    • iPad
    • portable speaker
    • music books

This list speaks volumes about what we need in our arsenal of supplies.

  • It tells us what the must have items really are.
  • It tells us we don’t need EVERYTHING to be effective in our work.
  • It highlights how a simple prop can then become special or be highlighted.

Share how your simplified supply list compares to this one.