As we approach the end of the year, there is a tendency to reflect on the past and to set goals for the future.

For many that is on a personal level.

Ooh, I met this goal but gee I’m way off on this one. What the heck did I mean when I wrote this goal? I think I’ll do this in 2018….

Maybe we’ve also set professional goals and had similar reflections.

The large problem is…

We set goals but we rarely take the small steps towards them after the first month or so.

Setting goals or intentions is good. Yet, we need to reverse engineer the steps to meet them and place these goals into our calendars. THEN we need to schedule in the actions to MEET THESE GOALS.

See it is a small step that leads towards a big goal. The small change helps you take a big action.

The smallest, biggest thing you can do for your sessionsWhat does this have to do with session planning?

The short answer is schedule your baby-steps.

The big answer is … the same thing planning and scheduling the little things.

Stop shaking your head “no”!

I’m being honest. When you plan out your sessions in advance down to the details of songs and props, you have time to learn new to you songs or to create a prop that is worthy of use.

I know this because I AM YOU! I plan sessions. I’ve let advanced planning slip and ended up scrambling.

I know this because YOU (the readers) have:

(If your curious the 2nd most read was about my shuttering my physical business.)

Our sessions are where our work, our service, our craft is expressed. It deserves your smallest, biggest effort.

Take two actions NOW.

  1. Get on the Session Planning Extravaganza waitlist. This is a way for you to speed through planning a quarter’s worth of sessions with less stress and more fun.
  2. Set aside a few hours to start planning sessions for your first quarter.