Was stopping my business a mistake? I’ve asked myself if stopping my business was a stupid mistake. The answer may surprise you.

Why I stopped

The simple answer is a double whammy of cancer. First, my father. The result was contacting my local service sites to let them know there would be some interruptions. Then about two months later, the second – my husband.

I’ll save you a lot of the details. We elected to aggressively address this diagnosis with the guidance of specialists at MD Anderson in Houston. This resulted in my being unable to offer local services. There aren’t any other certified music therapists in my rural area. There was no one to cover my services. Online services and blogging were slowed.

My husband’s surgery and recovery phase resulted in the unexpected halt of online services. Neither of us could imagine how life altering this would be. Even my father’s death in October hadn’t provided more than a hint to this.

The answers

Yes, plural. There isn’t a single answer.

On a personal level, the answer is a resounding yes. We elected to sojourn as a couple on my husband’s journey. It has been my honor to serve as his primary caregiver. Across these months we’ve grown closer, we’ve learned tons about ourselves, we’ve had time to dream.

On the personal level, the answer is yes with heartache. I was not able to accompany my father in the last days of his life. My siblings took this on with great love and care. They also took on the details of the estate. What a blessing they have been!

On the business level, the answer is a fragmented yes.

Why fragmented?

In many ways, the results are to be played out.

Many of my service sites are staying in contact sharing their wishes for restarting our relationship. This buoys me. It tells me my services make a difference.

This pause has allowed me to explore where and how I’d like to alter both my in person and online offerings. Without this forced stop, I’m not sure if I’d taken the time to reflect and to assess. Summarize all this as I’m still developing what will be offered in the future in person and online.

Together, the personal and professional sides has highlighted the “me” in all of this. Who am I as a partner, a parent, a sibling, a business owner, a friend? What do I want to be my legacy? How do I want to spend whatever remaining time I have to in this life?

Is stopping a business a stupid mistake?

No, it was a time to grow as a person, a partner and as a business owner. I did the right thing for me. The thing is I’m not sure if I’d taken the time without all this happening.

That’s one lesson I’ve learned. Stopping to reflect and correct on our life and our business is important. 

Set aside time at least a couple of times a year to stop and reflect. Taking a couple of days a year to do this can allow you to adjust course. It might prepare you to better handle a whammy like I received.