Travel Session Starters

Start your engines – Car Session Starter

Cars hold lots of memories for folks. First cars, the addition of seat belts, air conditioning that was more than opening windows. While many of the session starters provide details on how to use the songs, most of these are not so marked. Instead you'll find a list...

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Train Travel Session Starter

While train travel has changed greatly over the years, the allure of the train seems to stay for the young and those not in a rush. Given this appeal, you'll find a mix of ideas with those specific to intergenerational session marked IG and those specific to a...

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That’s Amore

Sharing a taste of Italy can involve music, food, art, movies and more. Rather than breaking this down between older adults and intergenerational groups, I indicated suggested population indicated with "I/A" for intergenerational groupsĀ or any age groupĀ and "S" for...

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