Treat yourself to a little artWe all need a little treat from time to time.  A specialty coffee, a piece of chocolate, going to a movie, a mani-pedi…. Be sure you treat yourself to a little art from time to time.

Yes, you’re a musician and that seems like the perfect treat – making music for yourself. And, it is. But, we all can benefit from getting outside our comfort zone even when it comes to treats. When carefully selected, things outside our comfort zone can be perceived as a treat.

Sure you can take in an art museum, pull out the paints, or take on some recommendations from “The Meeting of Art, Nature and Music”. At other times just adding some simple, playfully add art is enough.

There has been a lot of press on the health benefits of adults coloring. So if this sounds like a treat, give it a go!

4 Art Treats to Try

Me, I’d a doodler. There have been studies indicating focus and memory can improve with doodling. Do you have old sheet music? Check out A Roll of Tape and Biro from the Imagination Box Blog.

Often I think we relegate the best items to children. But, I’ll be honest, I love these “controlled mess” ideas for myself.

  • Marbling is such a cool look. Mixing colors and creating designs is fun. Check out No Mess Marble Painting by Inner Child Fun.
  • There are tons of things you can do within a plastic ziplock bag that can feed our sense of touch. Here is  another fun idea – Squishy Tactile Bag by Play At Home Mom.
  • Adding a little sparkle to your life with Mason Jar Fairy Lights by DIY Joy. Useable and creative fun you can share!

So go ahead. Get outside your own comfort zone. Dance draw, paint, act… Treat yourself to a little art.