6 ways to spin a song into a session planAs mentioned in Crafting a Plan, spinning a song into a session plan is a major source of inspiration. Often the impetus is a song mentioned or sung by a senior living resident. The way it spins forth varies.

Here are 6 ways to spin a single song into a session plan.

#1 Song with the same theme/topic.

If a song is about dancing, find other songs that mention dancing

#2 Songs by the same composer or lyricist

Once you find who wrote the song, see what else they wrote.

#3 Other songs popular at the same time

Finding songs popular the same year or the same month can help you build a session around a period in time. Also look at other genres.

#4 Various versions of the same song

Often a song has been recorded by a range of artists. They may even come from various genres. Compare the songs. Discuss similarities and differences. Find out which version they like most/least. Which version do they best remember?

#5 Association

This section could have a post all its own. A few to consider are:

  • Other songs recorded by the artist
  • Other songs with that letter of the alphabet
  • Other songs that use the same number
  • Songs from the same musical or movie

#6 Ways can use it

Explore the many ways you can use the song.

  • What types of movement does this song evoke?
  • Is it one that works well for lyric analysis?
  • Is it one that works well for lyric substitution>
  • Is this a song people will know and sing?
  • Is it well suited to playing the melody or chords on bells/Boomwhackers/ etc.?

Bonus idea: If a particular client requested the song, add their other favorites to create a session.

You can use ideas like this to create 3 months of eldercare music therapy session planning in 3 hours. Learn more today!