We all have to-do lists. There are likely two “never do lists” related to your to-do list. One is the items that never get done. The ones you keep putting off. The second is things you should never do.

Keeping a to-do list

Most time management systems encourage you to keep a list. It keeps you from forgetting the tasks. It also frees your mind to deal with other things once you add it to the list.

Over the years I kept mine on paper and used various apps. My current favorite app is Asana.  It is great for being able to share a list of tasks with a family member, a co-worker or an employee. You can even add a due time and have items repeat.

What's on your never do list?Never do list #1

The inspiration for this post came when I received an email from Time Management Ninja (TMN) including a list of items likely found on your “to-do” list that never get done.

Some of the examples were:
Cancel that membership that you are still paying for, but not using.

Update addresses or account information.

Clean up the garage… or basement… or closet… or your car.

Fix that broken fixture or item.

Donate those items that are cluttering up your home.

Read the book you bought, but never read.

The newsletter challenged us to look at out lists, find the task that have been there forever and target doing one a week. Taking on the challenge, I started by culling my list. There were over 20 (mostly personal) items waiting on me.

TMN even shared Perssist on their website as resource. No, I haven’t tried it but I might as a way to dip my toe into hiring a virtual assistant.

Never do list #2

There are also items we know to never do. Some may be related to laws or beliefs. For example: Not texting while driving. Others may relate to mistakes you’ve made and wish to never repeat.

When I posed the question of what’s on your never do list to some music therapists, I received some great tips:

  • To ask the question “Do you remember this?”. (Wise words when working with those living with dementia.)
  • Say “you guys” in relation to a group of residents. (This person works primarily with catholic sisters. The residents remind the staff this slang is not appropriate.) 
  • Never assume anything!

What is on your music therapy never do list? Share it in the comments below.